Apply in 2024!

The applications for the next edition of the UCLG Peace Prize will open on 1/1/2024.



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  • The prize is open for award to local governments who either themselves work for peace and conflict resolution in their own area, or provide positive assistance to local governments in conflict and fragile areas, which includes pre-and post-conflict situations, but also areas that have experienced peace for decades. The prize is awarded to a local government as an institution, not to individuals. There may well be cases where local governments work together on a peace initiative, and in such cases the prize could be awarded to them jointly. This may for example include cooperation between a conflict-hit local government and its external partner city. The Peace Prize is open to any subnational government that falls within UCLG’s own interpretation of the term “local government”. Broadly speaking, this means that a local government is a subnational government defined as such by its own country’s constitution or legislation. Any nominated initiative should have taken place at least partly within the 3 years prior to application.
  • Are you applying on behalf of a local and/or subnational government?
  • Did your local government successfully contribute to peace, conflict resolution, or post-conflict reconstruction, either in your area or by providing assistance to another local government?
  • Did this initiative (partly) take place in the last three years?