The Jury

Tarik Kupusovic

Dr. Tarik Kupusović

Former Mayor of Sarajevo

Dr. Kupusovic (1952) has been the Lord Mayor of Sarajevo during the second half of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the siege of Sarajevo (1994-96). As President of the country’s Association of Towns and Cities he has established close relations with many cities and mayors of the world to restore the workings of local autonomous government in his country’s devastated cities. In addition to his political experience, Dr. Kuposovic has a strong academic record. Dr. Kupusovic is a Professor in Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Water Management at the University of Sarajevo and is Director of the Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo. As team leader and coordinator of many local and international water and environment projects Dr. Kuposovic has published around 200 scientific and professional papers.